Six Pillars of Service

Brand Management

Brand Management

We research, design, and develop brands. Our experience comes from over a decade of working with Fortune 500 companies.

FLEX Advantage increases brand recognition by unifying identity across tangible elements: packaging, print materials, promotional products, online presence etc.

FLEX Advantage increases brand perception by ensuring tangible elements present high perceived value, even while reducing costs.

We make sure your brand is perceived as the highest level to the target market.  We make sure you brand is never compromised by poor graphics or being presented on a “poorly made” give-a-way.

Creative Services + Graphic Design

creative services2

The brand experts at FLEX Advantage create full campaigns, corporate identity packages, and individual graphic designs.  We create the art specific to the end decoration process that is needed to achieve the highest quality by item.  We create unique and powerful impressions that reflect a company’s values and culture.

There are many design companies out there.  However, we at FLEX Advantage believe a travel mug is much more than just a promotional product. It shakes hands with your customer, reflects the quality of your business, shows how much you value them, and helps win their valuable business. This product takes up 4 square inches of their desk and constantly reminds them of why they do business with you. When your brand combines attractive graphics with a clear message, it creates a unique and powerful impression

Employee Enrichment

Flex incentives -health

FLEX Advantage assists your company in enriching the lives of your employees in and outside of the work place through a variety of Incentive, Wellness, and Workplace Safety programs. Engaged employees are more likely to put customers first, and have higher satisfaction and motivation, all of which increase business profitability.

Managed Inventory + Rapid Fulfillment

MAnaged inventory_Step1,2,3

Our integrated supply chain solution includes: FLEX RapidShip which combines centralized warehousing, inventory management and rapid order fulfillment;  and the FLEXshop platform which provides a turn-key procurement solution that includes timely and accurate data on inventory, pending orders, shipment tracking and more.

Reclaim your valuable warehouse / office space and reduce employee overload by storing your promotional merchandise and print media in our managed warehouses.

Create alternate channels of income!  FLEXshop is capable of performing as a full e-commerce solution, offering your promotional merchandise at your chosen pricing, to your employees or to everyone!

Print Media

Print Media2

FLEX Advantage brand experts can design your print campaign or use client-provided artwork to produce brochures, posters, banners, books, trade show displays, and much more. Using our FLEX shops, your design team can upload artwork, sizes, and more for a quick turnaround.  Print materials can be delivered to your office door as fast as next day.

We are committed to increasing the promotional impact of your print media, while reducing the impact on the Earth.

Promotional Products

promotional products

Increased buying power, superior safety testing, and strategic product creation are all assets we can deliver to your company.  Merchandise programs are developed by our in-house staff of strategic experts with experience across functional disciplines. As brand ambassadors, we specialize in the creation of custom merchandise, either one-of-a-kind proprietary or everyday products, through our quality network of domestic and overseas suppliers. We offer web-based and physical distribution channels to help you enforce your policies, build strong brand awareness, and achieve marketing objectives.