Instantly save up to 50% on promotional merchandise and print media while delivering a consistent brand presentation.

FLEX Advantage

FLEX Advantage:  Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Our business intelligence experts analyze your marketing spend habits across all departments and locations, consolidate similar items, identify best candidates for volume purchase savings, and help you select high quality items that reflect your desired brand image.
  2. We store and manage your promotional merchandise and print media for you in our rapid fulfillment warehouses that specialize in pick, pack and shipping services.  Thanks to FLEXshop, our integrated procurement platform, we can even deliver same-day*!
  3. Easily monitor purchasing, inventory levels, and shipments across all departments and locations with your custom FLEXshop.  Assign users, review and approve orders, override pending orders, extend your brand reach with retail sales channels and much more.  Procurement is a snap with FLEXshop.

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Step 1: Much more than crunching numbers.

Standardizing Brand Visual Identity and Brand Image

Aside from the valuable information hidden away in marketing data and the potential to reap tremendous savings on volume purchasing, there are other amazing benefits!

We often find that buyers for the same company in different locations, and even buyers in different departments at the same location, while purchasing the same item will generally buy items that are slightly or even greatly different.  In other words, two buyers procuring ‘polo’ style shirts will likely buy from different vendors and receive different shirts, with different qualities of decoration and possibly even with different versions of company branding.  This erodes brand recognition and value proposition.

An important benefit of FLEX Advantage is the standardizing of brand visual identity and brand image across the entire company.  Part of our process is establishing standards for visual branding: logos, colors, sizing and spacing of elements, taglines etc.  Also of great importance, is establishing standards for the quality of merchandise and the decoration process, a key factor in brand image.

Step 2:  FLEX RapidShip

Rapid Order Fulfillment

FLEX Advantage includes an option to reclaim your valuable warehouse / office space and reduce employee overload by storing your promotional merchandise and print media in our managed warehouses.  Our pick, pack and ship services are streamlined to the point of being able to deliver SAME DAY throughout 95+ percent of Florida*.  We perform regular inventory audits, monitor consumption, and can automatically replenish items as needed.  RapidShip functions hand-in-hand with our integrated cloud platform, FLEXshop.

Step 3:  FLEXshop

Cloud-based Procurement, Order and Inventory Management, Reporting

Your company will receive a unique, branded online shop through which all procurement, order and inventory management, shipment tracking, and reporting can be accessed.

FLEXshop is our integrated supply chain platform which uses the latest technology and proprietary software to create a central information repository providing real-time inventory data and performance metrics that can be accessed via mobile and desktop interfaces.  FLEXshop does the work so you can focus on your core competencies.

That’s only the beginning…

FLEX Made-to-Order

With corporate-approved branding in place, you can now choose to make available through your FLEXshop a large selection of branded apparel, print, and promotional items that are guaranteed to meet your brand identity and brand image requirements.  FLEX Made-to-Order items are manufactured on an as-needed basis, generally requiring minimum quantities, with an average 5-10 day turnaround.  Save hundreds of hours annually in approval times!  Save thousands of dollars in new vendor mistakes!

FLEX Channels

Create alternate channels of income!  Your FLEXshop is capable of performing as a full ecommerce solution, offering your promotional merchandise, at your chosen pricing, to your employees or to everyone!  Products are selected from an existing RapidShip program, or additional products can be added that target specific consumer groups.  All channels are completely separate on the front-end, while inventory management and reporting etc. remains integrated on your end.

FLEX Incentives

Choose from a number of our ready-made incentive programs, or we create a custom program to suit your specific needs.  Incentive programs include supporting media, gifts, and a custom employee FLEXshop.  Incentives are selected from items available in your RapidShip inventory, while larger scale programs can also include additional promotional items, print media, your custom branded incentive FLEXshop, and more.

FLEX Campaigns

FLEX Campaigns are custom-made online marketing campaigns for internal or external use. These custom campaigns are used for marketing a product or service through various types of mediums such as TV, radio, print, web, and more. These can be created by our branding and marketing experts or your internal marketing department. With FLEX Campaigns, our team will analyze your marketing habits and results throughout all locations to identify the common channels used.  We then create a custom FLEXshop that allows for easy ordering of all marketing materials.  For example, given a TV ad created by your staff, you will upload a script, budget, goal, and vision.  For print material, simply select a size and quantity, and upload artwork (if created in-house).  The print media will quickly be available on your FLEXshop for easy ordering across all locations.

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*FLEX offers same-day delivery across Florida on early-A.M. orders, for an additional charge.

"With merchandising synergies and group buys, we were able to unify all our locations at a 50% lower per unit price, instead of each location acting on it’s own and ordering low volumes at a higher cost."

− National Procurement Manager

"With buyers operating independently across our network, we knew we were losing money with every purchase. We needed a centralized procurement platform to leverage our buying power. With FLEX, we got that and more."

− CFO of a national healthcare provider

FLEX Advantage benefits…

FLEX Advantage delivers 20-35% overall savings in the first year (even up to 50%!), with ongoing annual savings from 5-8%.  Our FLEX Employee Enrichment programs deliver 500-1100% ROI for every $ invested.

Our integrated platform centralizes: inventory management, procurement, review and approval, order fulfillment, order tracking and more; effectively streamlining a complex set of processes and saving countless labor hours.

FLEX provides a single view of company-wide promotional merchandise and print media spend activity, including: real-time inventory ordering fulfillment, freight costs and more.

Our talented BI staff monitors your transaction data for emerging trends to further optimize your supply chain and reduce costs.

The FLEX vendor network comprises validated partners with a wide range of core competencies.  We bid out every project by specialization, never to ‘our-company-does-it-all” generalized vendors, thereby delivering maximum overall value.

Dramatically increase profitability and ROI!  Create superb employee engagement by enriching the lives of employees in and outside of the work place with FLEX Employee Incentive, Employee Wellness, and Employee Work Place Safety programs.

FLEX is more than a product vendor or SaaS provider.  We are dedicated to providing the best customer value proposition.  That’s why we also deliver end-to-end accountability.  Leave the supply chain to us.